Sport safety tips

sports injuryRegular participation in sports offers a variety of benefits including emotional and physical health, as well as social engagement for all involved.  While we enjoy playing sports, sometimes we can get too into the game which results in an injury.  Most injuries are avoidable, but  they’re not completely impossible to avoid. Below are some tips which will help avoid costly medical bills, while enabling you to enjoy your sport.


Before you get started playing it’s important to do a thorough warm-up to make sure your mind and body is prepared for the demands. If you haven’t played Sports before it’s advised that you seek a medical workup or examination center prior to participating in the sport.  Once you get a code green or an OK from the doctor, you’re good to go.

safetyAfter playing, it’s important to cool down in order to avoid muscle injury and soreness the next day. About 10 minutes is advisable to avoid most common strains and injuries. If you can’t get a full 10 minutes in try to stick with 5 minutes at the very minimum.


Stay hydrated. Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for emergency room visits. Summer heat-related illnesses and injuries can be avoided by ensuring constant consumption of water. If the sports field does not have a water fountain consider taking a water bottle or two with you in case you need to re hydrate. It’s also not wise to depend on the storage facility or the place you’re playing sports, to have a water fountain close by.  Rather than be sorry, play it safe, and carry a minimum of two water bottles with you.

Where appropriate gear- while some sports are flexible in that they allow you to play in just about any comfortable clothing, some sports require specialized equipment or clothing to protect the health and safety of the player. If you’re sport is one of them (hockey for instance), be sure to always come prepared with the appropriate gear. If you’re missing a piece of equipment, either ask to borrow it from a close friend who also plays the same sport, or avoid playing for that day.

Play hard/Rest often- without rest, our body will quickly become fatigued and this can quickly increase our chances of becoming injured. Aim to take constant breaks to ensure you’re safety.

While most accidents are avoidable, these tips will help you avoid any surprise accidents.